White Papers

This site contains information on research from prior products and protocols. Please visit docs.grindery.com for the most up to date documentation
Welcome to the Grindery White Paper Collection.
This site houses a collection of whitepapers resulting from research conducted in 2021 and 2022. The technologies and products detailed here are not only publicly accessible but also exist in various prototype stages.
Our current primary focus is the development and enhancement of the EVM Smart Wallet for Telegram, a revolutionary tool designed to streamline your digital wallet experience. For a direct engagement with this cutting-edge technology, explore our Telegram bot.
For detailed documentation on the EVM Smart Wallet and its functionalities, click here. While some of the technologies mentioned in the whitepapers have already been integrated into the wallet, others are slated for future incorporation, aligning with our ongoing commitment to innovation and user-centric development.
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