At Delight, we recognize the crucial role that merchants play in our ecosystem. To offer them the utmost flexibility, we have designed a comprehensive suite of automated trading tools that empower merchants to leverage innovative algorithms and settlements. Our trading tools are a hybrid of both Web2 and Web3, providing merchants with advanced structures to drive their businesses forward. Currently Nexus, our Oracle, is a centralized service to listen to blockchain events and respond to them with actions on- and off-chain. We expect to decentralize this module in the future.
Gordon, who utilizes the advanced bot interface by Delight, can fulfill requests dynamically and define his own set of rules in any connected language or service like Python, Zapier or Javascript.
Using a fixed exchange rate is not suitable because it does not consider market fluctuations. Therefore, the protocol aims to include a decentralized Oracle, acting as a price engine, that allows Gordon to establish a variable exchange rate for each order. This rate will be recorded on-chain and will take into account market fluctuations, without the need for Gordon to update a fixed price regularly.

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